1. Click the ‘log in’ button on the top right of the website. A new page will appear; select the ‘Create new account’ button.


  1. Fill in the relevant details on the resulting page and then click “Create my new account”


  1. A confirmation link will have been sent to your email address. Click the link and your account will have then been successfully verified


  1. Navigate back to the website (and log in with your new account if you must). Click the “Book Club” button in the top row and then select “Book Club | 11+ and KS2 students”.


  1. Finally, select the “enrol me” button.


CONGRATULATIONS! You now have access to our online portal, which will regularly be updated with books and quizzes for you/your child to enjoy!

You can join the WhatsApp Noticeboard group using the below link:


The group will regularly be notified of new books and quizzes.

Happy Reading!